Thursday, 30 August 2012

Oversized Denim Jacket.

Long time no see!
I've been very busy lately and since I hadn't really got used to blogging regularly..I didn't. SO I've set myself the weekly goal of ideally doing two posts a week and definitely doing one if it gets busy :)

I reeeally like the whole grunge look that seems to be all around at the moment, however I'm not exactly the most 'grungey' person and fear looking silly.
I decided to ease myself into it with an oversized denim jacket. Originally I wanted a vintage levi one, but after realising that they are pretty hard to find under £50 I sought solace in Primark. Aaaand I found this!

It was £18 which I think is pretty good simply for the material, it's so thick and warm and feels like really great quality. Also the hardware is rose gold! So it'll go with my fossil watch and makes it looks more expensive. It isn't actually 'oversized' but I got it in a size 18 and it looks just as good as more expensive oversized options I've seen!  

Finally, I thought I'd leave you with this, I stumbled across it and thought it was cool (perhaps cool is the wrong word :P) although is Merida really ready to be initiated into the Disney princess elite? I think not. I've got nothing against her or anything but its just so easy I've just realised that Cinderella and Ariel are absent?! Ok, I'll stop now, HAVEANICEWEEKENDTHANKSFORREADINGBYEEE.